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0:58 Keywords: Alfred Hitchcock, Animals, Anxious, Apollo 13, Armageddon, Art House Movie, Bar Mitzvah, Beach, Bizarre , Blade Runner, Blue Planet, Blue Skies, Bones, Bourne Identity, Brokeback Mountain, Burglary, Celebrities, Chase, Chilled, Claustrophobic, CNN, Cold, Cold Mountain, Coming of Age, Corporate, Creepy, Crime, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, CSI, Dark, Dark Knight, Dark Street, Death, Desert, Deserted Town, Detective, Discovery, Dracula, Dramatic, Dune, Edgy, Emotional, Empty Streets, Environmental, Escape, European Films, Evil, Expansive, Expedition, Exploration, Eyes Wide Shut, Fear, Fight scene, Film, Film Score, Fire, Fog, Foreboding, Forrest Gump, Freeze, French Film, Funeral, Ghost, Glaciers, Gladiator, Halloween, Haunted House, Haunting, Hollywood Action/Adventure Movie, Home Alone, I Am Legend, Ice Melting, Imagination, In Bruges, Indie Film, Insect, Interrogation, Intrigue, Investigation, Jailbreak, Jurassic Park, K-PAX, Landscape, Lightning, Love, Maritime, Mark Isham, Mental, Mist, Montage, Mountain, Nervous, News, Night, Nightmare, Open Fire, Otherworldly, Panic, Patriotic War Movie, Pressure, Psycho, Ritual, Safari, Scary, Search, Secrets, Serial Killer, Shawshank Redemption, Sinister, Sixth Sense, Space Exploration, Spacious, Spiritual, Spooky, Spy, Stalker, Stephen Spielberg, Strange, Summer, Sunset, Surf, Tension, Terminator, The Godfather, The Others, Threat, Thriller, Tropical, Twisted, UFO, Underground, Underwater, Vertigo, Vibrant, Washington Conspiracy, Water, Whales, Wildlife Documentary, Wind, Winter, X-Files
Composed by Simon Sibanda
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